Social Media Tips for your business

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Are you hoping 2017 is your year to make things happen? Use my Social Media tips to promote your business. Over the last couple of years, Social media platforms have become the marketing giants especially when it comes to business. It offers businesses valuable information about their customers and clients and a way to reach them easily. They have evolved, becoming the main focus for promoting a brand. With a variety of ways, like live video, you really can’t find another option for advertising that’s as affordable or reaches as many people, as quickly as Social Media.

Social Media Tips

Here are my top Social Media tips to help any entrepreneur looking to expand their social media presence and their business


1. Consistency

One of the keys to success on social media is consistency. So you need a plan, what you want to post and when. Post at peak times and no more than 5 a day. So work on putting together a content calendar. with Hootsuite, you can collect information across all of your social accounts, allowing you to monitor the conversations happening around your brand and collect your customer opinions.  You will be able to plan the content you wish to share and the days/times of the week. This will help you to get into a routine. You will grow your audience and your fans, followers and clients will love it, and they will come back for more!

2. Variety

Use a variety of Social Media platforms. Not everyone will prefer the same platform as you so you need to post across all networks. putting all your efforts into just one channel could mean that you’re not reaching a wide enough audience for potential customers. Therefore format content specifically for each different platform.

3. Format

Design your content for each different platform, but at the same time be sure that the type of content you’re sharing works well for your brand. Content is important! as this will drive your potential clients and customers to your website or blog. You need to remember that using social media for your business is much different than your personal usage, the end goal is to drive business. So, stay focused on your plan and give your customers what they want to see.

4. Experiment

It is ok that not all of your content will be popular. Social media is all about experimentation. You will have to experiment with different platforms and posts and determine just how well they’ll be received. You will you find a network really works for you and your business as well your specific target market, then you need to really push on that network and take advantage of the opportunity. Social is one of the best ways to get that info out to your customers, but it doesn’t mean it will be everyone’s favorite

5. Investment

Think about investing in some paid social media campaigns. It could be some of the best advertising money you’ve ever spent It’s really affordable, offers excellent potential for future customers. Plus you will see your traffic soar!. A strong social media investment adds to your efforts and makes your brand more successful. It can help with virtually every aspect of your marketing plan and something that you need to start using now. So what are you waiting for? Go for it!

Utilizing the power of social media is a must if you want to grow your business and your brand. From my Twitter account and Instagram posts. I have found that there is no end to the new opportunities that a carefully planned social media campaign can bring. Every aspiring entrepreneur needs to start working on creating a stronger online presence through Social Media. I promise it will bring great value to your business.