Party Plan Business


The Party Plan business model in direct sales is constantly evolving. When I started my beauty business 20 years ago, the top leaders held five in-home parties and talked with five to ten prospective recruits every week. We were taught that there was a formula for success: Personally, recruit 2 people a week for eight recruits a month compounding to about 100 new recruits per year. Every connection was face to face, meeting at home or in a cafe or by telephone. Invitations were mailed and parties were held in the host’s home. Consultants attended weekly meetings, mostly in the mornings, with one each month in the evening. Party orders were delivered to the host who distributed them to her guests.

The party Plan Business is a good way to earn money. Initially, you can invite your friends and relatives round to demonstrate and sell the products, and then persuade them to hold parties in their own houses by offering incentives. You do the all the by work by taking the orders and delivering products but it can be fun. Your motivation determines how much you earn in commission.

Today, the Party Plan Business world has changed dramatically

We still have home parties, but the average consultant holds two to four a month (including in-home, online and virtual parties, plus direct orders through customer accounts). Direct shipping to the customer is now standard. Direct sales companies now have a wider variety of products sold at parties with added benefits.

Training today has more variety. While there are still some local team meetings, many companies now live-stream regional and national conferences so more consultants can join in through an internet connection. We utilize group calls, Zoom webinars, Skype, Google+, online chat groups and daily training posts on corporate Facebook pages, YouTube channels, Twitter and Pinterest.

We understand far better the benefits of creating a mentorship culture. We are all connected, all the time, via computer and mobile devices. Companies push updates and announcements on social media daily. Events and incentive trips are seen instantly Social Media. These tools have also allowed companies like Beauty Society, to help thier leaders grow their business with virtual parties and expanded virtual training, to reach people across the country and around the world. Beauty Society is a next generation company that allows you can run your entire business on a smart phone or tablet from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Treat your friends to a free facial and learn about Beauy Society’s highest perfoming  anti-aging skincare

Beauty Society love being more than generous for their fabulous facial and makeover hosts. Just look at all the amazing free and half-price products that they provide as a thank you for inviting a Beauty Society Advisor to treat you and your guests. They would love to provide complimentary facials and makeovers while filling your vanity with the world’s greatest products especially when they are free!

Your friends will be forever grateful that you introduced them to our amazing array of products. The results they see and feel as soon as the products are applied will be amazing. As you and your guests continue to use the products Beauty Society will quickly become the only skincare product you use.

Your friends will appreciate that Beauty Society focuses on what matters most to smart consumers today; products that are paraben free, sulfate free, gluten free, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and made in the USA. They will also be impressed with their 12-month money back guarantee. This demonstrates their commitment and dedication to getting results for all of their satisfied customers.

Plus the Product Parties are fun! Your guests will be able to get comfortable with their friends and be pampered by an experienced, Beauty Society Advisor. And who doesn’t like to have a makeover!

Are you looking for a Beauty Party Plan Business to align with?

All you do is to make money in the party plan business is share your love for the products with your friends by inviting them to a party or Meet-Up. Whether you’re hosting an online shopping experience or an in-person event. You could host a Mystery Host Party at your house one night or afternoon! Everyone who attends and places an order could be entered to be chosen as the the host of the party and get all the host credits and bonuses. Or you could even draw for a winner of a FREE products & use part of your commission from the sales to pay for the products & keep part of the host credits for yourself to gain a new recruit!

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