Motivation within MLM is powerful

Motivation within MLM is powerful! but what is it? and how do you motivate your team

Motivation within MLM Definition – “Internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in people to be continually interested and committed to a job, role or subject, or to make an effort to attain a goal.”

Motivation comes from a combination of both conscious and unconscious factors such as:

(1) the intensity of desire or need, (2) incentive or reward value of the goal, and (3) expectations of the individual and of his or her peers.

This is the reason a person has for behaving in a certain way. An example is that of a student who spends extra time studying for an exam because he or she wants a to pass with top marks.
You may think that motivated people have always been that way and it comes easy to them but that is not the case. Successful people aren’t motivated all of the time but they are always committed. Which is much more important! When you are committed you will always carry on when you aren’t feeling very motivated or enthusiastic.

Motivation within MLM – Your Role as Mentor and Leader

Your job is to motivate and train your team, however, you are not their boss! you are there to coach and inspire them to take action and believe in themselves that they can build a successful business. You can create motivation within MLM.
Easier said than done you might say! Trying to motivate an unmotivated person can be hard work and something you may not want to keep doing. So look for motivated people and they keep them motivated. Look for people that can motivate themselves, take initiative and work hard on their business. Motivated people are like diamonds, really quite rare to find and they will build their business with or without you. These are the leaders in this business. Not everyone in your team will be a leader you may sign 50 people and only have one! But they will account for the majority of your team and business.
So how do you keep everyone else on your team motivated until they can become self-motivated?

1. Lead by example

This is so important! Let them follow you, show them what looks right by your example and inspire them by your what you do. This is what I do with my team called Team Bellissima

2. Personal Development

Everyone should be doing this….read books or if you find time difficult listen to audible when in the car or bed, you need to find the time to fit it in. Then set them a personal development plan.

.3. Events and meetups

Any kind of event is beneficial in motivating people. Get them to do home parties or events. Getting out and talking to people is a must, show others who you speak to your enthusiasm and passion, this is contagious. People want to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves so arrange Team events help to create a team culture.

4. Weekly Calls

Again these get people together and help with motivation. I have zoom calls and google hangouts for my team so they can log in and learn from me and the rest of the team. This brings the team together and they bounce ideas off each other. The most successful teams are a united team with weekly calls.

5. One to Ones

Whenever possible get together with your directs and have a call or video call. Let your team know you believe in them and they have you for support when they need it. Sometimes people just need a little chat, we all have bad days and it’s important for your team to know this is normal and that you are there for them.

6. Their “Why”

Ask them to write out “their why” they can write a blog post do a video or share it with the team. Remind them of why they started.

8. The Products

If you want them to love the products, you need to be passionate about them yourself. Get them to do write testimonials and ask their customers to write one for them. They should all be using the products and building up their kit. You can’t start a business without some start-up costs and you can’t sell a product if you don’t use it yourself so encourage them to spend a small amount each month on the products.

9. Run with the sprinters

Run with the sprinters and let the others catch up! that doesn’t mean that you have to forget about or ignore the others but mostly work with the ones that are putting in the work. This can sometimes influence the others to change their mindset, they might just start to do some work because they don’t want to be left behind!.

The Upward and Downward Motivation

That ‘why’ doesn’t change they sometimes just need to refocus and think about what they wanted to accomplish at the beginning. Remind them that they can do it!

Don Failla has a solution to motivation within MLM – it is called The Upward Motivation

“Downward motivation within MLM is anything you do to motivate your team:

One to one calls
Attending events
Asking your upline to talk to your team mentor
Having a pep talk
These are great but they are only temporary because that motivation within MLM can dwindle in a few days and they can revert back to previous ways”

Don suggests the best way to motivate someone is to work in depth in their organisation – By working with someone on their 2nd level or below and help those people succeed automatically keeps your team mentor excited

“Light the fire in the basement to motivate everyone in the group ABOVE them”

When you find a person excited and motivated on any level of the team it automatically motivates all of the people above them.

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